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User Experience Design

Clients: Founders of West Michigan Graphic Design Archives

What’s the issue?

West Michigan Graphic Design Archive is the premier site of gathering, assessing, and preserving West Michigan’s graphic design and printing industry legacy materials. While there’s a high demand for using their site, it’s currently not built to handle their amount of content they want to publish for their viewers to see.

Take a glimpse at our users

Primary user


Goal: Wants to preserve and showcase the history of West Michigan’s graphic design and printing materials.

Creating hierarchy

Defining & refining

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Site map

Developing several ways that users can navigate throughout the site for the content they’re looking for.


Establishing the information architecture in our previous round. We found on making revising one of the biggest features of the website aka the search tool. We’ve looked at different functionalities that tool could implement plus we also paid attention to new archive content including components in a series, different ways a user can view an item, and making each category linkable.

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We need an interface that is user friendly, respectful, and attractive.

I have a solution.

Modifying their current design onto a digital space that is responsive across all platforms, easy to navigate for users, and easy to manage plus maintain for employers of West Michigan Graphic Design Archive.

The interface

Responsive & friendly

Explore more

Want to learn more about West Michigan Graphic Design Archives? Look no further. We added an about page that gives users more information about the reasons why this archive exist. Also check out their blog and get a first glimpse on future projects they're working on and the incredible people that made this possible.

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New content types

Users may notice that certain design pieces correlate with each other. We wanted to provided clarity by developing some classifications such as a "component." This is where a project is contained in another project. Others include "assets" and "series."