Sounds Against Silence

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What’s the issue?

Everyday hundreds of people are affected by sexual violence. With very few outlets to speak out against sexual violence, many survivors/victims use poetry as an outlet.

Get a closer look at our visitors

Primary, secondary, and teritary

The survivor

Goal: Wants to connect with other individuals that have experienced sexual violence.

The supporter

Goal: Wants to expand their resources and knowledge on sexual violence so they can be a better support system.

The explorer

Goal: Wants to explore a new exhibition that has great feedback from other people.

Research results


7 out of 10

of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim/survivor.


people are sexually assaulted each year.

4.1 times

more likely than non-crime victims/survivors to have thought about committing suicide.

I want the ability to heal and to help others begin to understand.

I have a solution.

Creating an exhibition that captures the minds of sexual violence survivors by using their poems and other imagery in a daring, bold way.

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A series of postcards, collaged by all the featured artists, that's used for direct marketing.

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Showcasing a variety of ads on our target audience's favorite social media platforms including YouTube that promotes the exhibition and its sponsors plus vendors.

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Main campaign

Print & digital

Sounds Against Silence Kiosk Ad

Curated content

Dive into the world of all the featured artists by listening to their stories, commentary, and advice on some of the top favorite social media platforms.

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A series of tickets explaining the different depths of emotions and actions one may and should feel according to the featured artists. Purchase tickets from the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


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