Packaging Design

What’s the issue?

Currently, the cleaning industry has made consumers unsure of the products being sold under the pretense of being Eco-friendly. Many of today’s cleaners are actually “green washing” and using harmful chemicals.

Relax and soak in our users

Primary, secondary, and teritary

The protector

Goal: Wants to keep their family safe from any harsh and harmful chemicals.

The frugal spender

Goal: Wants to purchase affordable high quality products that have recieved great reviews.

The conscious supporter

Goal: Wants to support companies that gives back and donates to eco-friendly charities.

Brand development

Glimpse of the process

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Name exploration

Generating ideas, feelings, and benefits for a product line onto a sheet helped eliminate and refine potential brand names.

Logo exploration

Sketching, scanning, and rendered a variety of logo marks to create a system that distinguishes Soak from other brands.

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Logo creation

Can’t spell soak without oak, right? Unlike other brands, Soak keeps their promise on being purely organic. Each element of the logo represents the ingredients that makes up Soak to ensure the safety of their consumers and richness.

I want to know that I'm cleaning with products that are effective and safe for my family.

I have a solution.

Developing a line of products that focuses on the safety of consumers, their families, and our environment.

Brand system

Soak in the reason

Color palette

Each color promotes the healthiness, growth, harmony, happiness, and the responsibility that Soak has to their customers on providing the best products each and every time.

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Renew & recycle

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Packaging construction

Soak cares about the environment which is why every product they make can be recycled or decomposed. Soak and reap the benefits of a healthy planet.

Soak in new opportunties

Extended touchpoints

Business system

Web application