Non-Profit Event Design

Client: Student Advancement Foundation

What’s the issue?

Student Advancement Foundation every year raises money to assist Grand Rapids Public School students to purchase resources in various impact areas. They're in need of fun, and thought-provoking theme that would create a steady anticipation for Mindshare 2017, their annual gala.

Up close with our attendees

Primary, secondary, and teritary

Conservative business leader

Goal: Wants to support local organizations while maintaining a positive reputation for their company.

Supportive enthusiast

Goal: Wants to provide opportunities for students they personally didn’t have when they were growing up.

Devoted associate

Goal: Wants to purchase affordable high quality products that have recieved great reviews.

Concept Development

Potential themes for Mindshare 2017

Becoming me

My future is bright. This is my story, and you are part of it. Becoming me depends on you.


Utilizing our tools to make an impact beyond the school system.


By staying united, we become stronger and provide more support to our students

The community is only as strong as the public schools.

I have a solution.

Developing a theme that brings people from all over the community together to help create a strong and unbreakable foundation for years to come.


Digital materials

Save the date

One of the very first touchpoints that potential donors will come across. Custom made and sent out using mailchimp, each email builds up momentum, and tells the story on why everyone should unite with Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Responsive image
Responsive image


Prompted by the save the dates, potential donors can explore the possibilities of donating including the benefits. Also, potential donors can learn what companies have already donated, motivating them to join as well.

Behind the scenes

Art directing

Responsive image


Print materials


Research shows that our attendees read the newspaper. So an advertisement, created and published in We Are GR, a local newspaper in Grand Rapids, Michigan, allows them to remember that the gala is coming up soon.

Responsive image
Responsive image

Invitation package

Sent out a few months before the gala, attendees can get a glimpse of what companies have donated so far, and have a chance to RSVP before seats are filled.

Unite together

Touchpoints from the event

Skywalk entrance towards the gala

Nametags for attendees

Friendship bracelets made by the students of GRPS

Podium installation

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