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Why design?

The beautiful challenge of solving problems creatively intrigues me. It helps sharpen my mind and opens up a world of possibilites to solve larger, more complex issues that's hundreds of people are facing everyday. My passion of story telling and love of trying new things continues to make me fall in love with design.

Want to collaborate?

If you're interested please feel free to send me a note



Hawkes Learning

Graphic Design Intern
October 2017–Present
Mount Pleasant, SC

Assisting with designing and producing educational and e-learning materials with a team of in-house designers, content editors, and creative directors.

Freelance Designer
December 2015–Present
Various Locations

Working on branding, website design and development, and stationery for local and out-of-state clients.

Design Project Center

Graphic Design Intern
August 2016–May 2017
Big Rapids, MI

Collaborated on two separate teams to plan, design, and implement the digital and physical experience for the West Michigan Graphic Design Archives and the Student Advancement Foundation’s annual event Mindshare.

Auxiliary Enterprises

Graphic Designer
September 2015–April 2017
Big Rapids, MI

Worked part-time during fall plus spring semester and full-time during the summer semester designing various marketing and promotional materials for Ferris State University’s Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Cedar Point

Associate Housing Supervisor
Summer 2014–Summer 2015
Sandusky, OH

Provided a safe and friendly atmosphere for the associates living in the resident halls and apartments provided by Cedar Point, processed associates in and out of housing, scheduled maintenance, and documented all activities.


Ferris State University

College of Business
Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design
Fall 2012–Spring 2017
Big Rapids, MI

Complementary Coursework:
Advanced Business Writing
Art History
Creative Writing
Intercultural Communication
UX Lab at Universal Mind

What I’m Involved In

AIGA West Michigan Member
January 2015–Present

Registered Graphic Designer
August 2015–Present

Scholar Peer Mentor
August 2014–July 2016

People to People Student Ambassador
Summer 2010

Speakers I’ve Seen

Andy Chen
Annie Atkins
Austin Kleon
Catt Small
Diógenes Brito
Eduardo Ortiz
Gemma O’Brien
John Maeda
Karim Rashid
Paula Scher
Ram Castillo
Roman Mars
Sebastian Padilla

Events I’ve Attended

2016 AIGA Conference
2016 AMA Regional Conference
2016 Brand New Conference
2015 Brand New Conference
2015 DesignThinkers
2015 Leadership Conference
2012 Profession and Leadership Conference

My skills

Adobe Creative Suite
Art Directing
Brand Identity
Client Communication
Design Principles
Design Process
Digital Illustration
Direct Marketing
Editorial Design
Event Branding
Experience Design
Information Hierarchy
Microsoft Office
Package Design
Pre-press Production
Problem Solving
Project Management
Time Tracking
User Testing

Places I’ve Visited

Vatican Museumm, IT
Lindenmeyr Munroe, MI
Palace of Versailles, FR
Cundari, CAN
Neon Boneyard, NV
Jam3, CAN
The Louvre, FR
Foremost Graphics Group, MI
Xibitz, MI
Freshly Squeezed Prints, MI
Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, FR
French Paper, MI
Kendall Flex Lab, MI
Haworth, MI
Steelcase, MI
Carnevale, MI
Buckingham Palace, UK
John St., CAN
500px, CAN
Critical Mass, CAN
One Method, CAN